Xeva Family

Xenics Xeva 320 Series

Versatile, InGaAs camera with various cooling options

The Xeva 320 series is based on a proprietary InGaAs detector with a 320 x 256 pixel resolution.

The Xeva 320 cameras offer frame rates of more than 340 Hz. The camera comes with a CameraLink or USB interface. There is a single-stage thermo-electric cooled version (TE1) and a more deeply cooled three-stage thermo-electric cooler (TE3) version.

A visible enhanced short-wave infrared (vSWIR) option for extended wavelength response into the visible band is also available.

Benefits & Features

Xeva 320 Series
Xeva 320

Xenics Xeva eSWIR Series

Compact T2SL based extended SWIR camera

The Xeva eSWIR (extended Short-Wave InfraRed) series uses Type 2 Super Lattice (T2SL) type detector with a 320 x 256 pixel resolution and an extended response in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) band up to 2.3 microns.

The Xeva eSWIR cameras are offered with frame rates of more than 340 Hz. In order to suppress dark current in the lower band gap material, the camera employs a four-stage thermo-electrical cooler (TE4). The camera comes with a standard CameraLink interface.

Benefits & Features

Xeva eSWIR Series
Xeva eSWIR