Bobcat Family

Xenics Bobcat 320 TE0/WL Series

Small, Very Low Cost InGaAs camera

Bobcat 320 TE0 & WL

The Bobcat 320 TE0 & WL series is based on a proprietary InGaAs detector with a 320 x 256 pixel resolution. These are your best options for a low cost SWIR camera.

The Bobcat 320 TE0 (no TEC) and WL (no TEC and No Window) were developed to provide lower cost, non-cooled operation modes. In addition, the WL version, without a sensor window, is being provided to reduce reflections in applications like laser beam profiling.

Benefits & Features

Bobcat 320 Series

Small, Low Cost InGaAs Camera

The standard Bobcat 320 cameras utilize a single stage Thermo-Electric cooler (TE1) to provide repeatable measurements and are offered with frame rates of either 100 Hz or 400 Hz. The camera can be provided with either a CameraLink or GigE Vision interface and features low weight and power.

The Bobcat 320 is ideal for cost sensitive applications such as sorting & recycling and investigation of defects inside silicon wafers.

Benefits & Features

Bobcat 320

Xenics Bobcat 320+ Series

Small, enhanced performance InGaAs camera

The Bobcat+ has all the features of the Bobcat 320 plus additional gain states and operation modes for various scientific applications. It also has an optional Vis-SWIR model that makes it easier to perform alignment and beam shaping with SWIR lasers.

Benefits & Features

Bobcat 320+

Xenics Bobcat 640 Series

Small, high resolution InGaAs camera

The economical Bobcat 640 series is based on proprietary InGaAs detector with a 640 x 512 pixel resolution.

The Bobcat 640 cameras operates full frame at 100 Hz and comes with either the CameraLink or GigE Vision interface in a compact and low power housing.

Ideal for machine vision inspection or scientific research, the low cost Bobcat 640 provides good sensitivity in the SWIR range. For applications that would benefit from both visible and SWIR imaging capability, the camera has the optional vSWIR configuration.

Benefits & Features

Bobcat 640 Series
Bobcat 640

Xenics Bobcat Gated Series

Small InGaAs camera for Ultra-short exposures

The Bobcat 320 Gated series is based on a proprietary InGaAs detector with a 320 x 256 pixel resolution with a unique 100 nsec exposure mode.

The Bobcat 320 Gated cameras are able to provide maximum frame rates up to 400 Hz. The exposure time of the sensor is configurable from 100 nsec up to 1 msec in steps of 100 nsec which allows for very short global exposure times.

The camera comes with either CameraLink or GigE Vision interface in a compact, lower power housing and has support for TTL based triggering.

The ultra-short exposures makes this camera ideal for pulsed laser applications such as LIDAR and for R&D in experimental physics.

Benefits & Features

Bobcat Gated Series
Bobcat Gated