Infrared Camera Selector Table

There are many applications for the use of infrared imaging and we are only highlighting a few of them here. If your application is not shown here but you would like to explore our products based on the camera specifications, we have provided an Infrared Camera Selector Table for your convenience. As always, you may also Contact Us directly for more information.

Adaptive Optics

Adaptive Optics often uses a laser beam in the SWIR to monitor atmospheric conditions.

Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Imaging

SWIR can be used for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Inspection applications due to the unique biochemical signatures in this region.

Food Sorting & Inspection

SWIR imaging can review water content which is important for food inspection.

Industrial Inspection

Thermal imaging can review defects in electronics and other parts.

Laser Beam Profiling & Monitoring

For laser beam profiling in the SWIR, we are some easy to use solutions.

Medical Infrared Thermography

Various applications in the SWIR and LWIR are discussed and the camera solutions are shown.

Security, Surveillance & Tracking

For these applications, all the Infrared regions (SWIR, MWIR and LWIR) are utilized at various times.

Semiconductor Inspection

The relative transparency of silicon in the SWIR provides an avenue for multiple inspection methods.