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New Event Camera Based on Sony IMX636

CenturyArks SilkyEvCamHD

Event Cameras employ a novel sensor technology that measures the change in signal occurring at each pixel and then only reports back the pixels that have changed during the programmed exposure time. This results in a dramatic reduction in data and provides continuous updates on changes in the image data. This allows a camera to achieve very short exposure times (down to 1 microsecond) and report back the data, even using a simple interface like USB-3.

Check out the new CenturyArks SilkyEvCamHD for yourself! Contact us for more information.

New High Resolution Megapixel Format Wildcat+ 1280

Xenics has released a new Wildcat+ 1280 product based on the Sony 1280×1024 Vis-SWIR sensor. Now you can do high resolution inspection applications in the SWIR while still having a visible image for setup and alignment. These cameras should be ideal for applications like Lithium Ion Battery inspection and semiconductor inspection among other applications. Check out this new product today!

Wildcat+ 1280 Camera

New Low Cost JAI Camera!

Here they are…the new Go-X cameras from JAI. Compact, affordable and with rock solid reliability!

JAI has introduced the Go-X Series, a new line of compact, affordable industrial area scan cameras designed to power the next generation of machine vision systems. The Go-X Series has been created to help vision system designers lower the cost of the systems they design without sacrificing the non-stop reliability their customers demand. They feature the most popular Sony Pregius sensors. With industrial grade shock, vibration, and thermal management to virtually eliminate field failures. Plus, stringent dust screening on all models and a 6-year warranty – the longest in the industry. Resolutions from 2.3 to 12.4 megapixels. GigE Vision and USB3 Vision interfaces. Prices start at $360.

An Article from Photonics Focus – Online Presentations

Give a Better Online Presentation

“Although virtual conferences and webinars are the new norm for sharing scientific discovery, most people report that these virtual events are less engaging and more difficult to watch than in-person talks. These tips can help you keep your audience engaged next time you give a presentation online.01 November 2020 By Gwen Weerts”

Whether you are presenting the best features of the Xenics Wildcat SWIR Camera or providing a seminar on how to use the latest Xeneth Software, these ideas can boost your presentation quality for your customers!

Arizona Tech Council Hosting AADM 2020 Virtual Conference

The Arizona Technology Council, Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) and the Arizona MEP are hosting the eighth annual Conference for Arizona’s Aerospace, Aviation, Defense + Manufacturing community on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

Attendees will gain a full understanding of the latest trends, challenges, and forecasts in the aerospace manufacturing industry, and hear insider knowledge from industry professionals. From amazing exhibitors to keynote speakers and expert panels, this is an event you do not want to miss.

Volumetric Video Capture

Volumetric Imaging is the process of capturing 3D information on targets at high resolution. This is often done with a cloud of cameras that are all synchronized to allow simultaneous capture. Here is a good article on the basics of Volumetric Video Capture and how it is used.

The IO Industries VoluCam is a camera system that has been designed to meet the unique requirements of the imaging application. You can find out more about the VoluCam here.

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