Medical Infrared Thermography

Medical Infrared Thermography is currently on everyone’s mind due to the Covid-19 outbreak, where monitoring a person’s temperature is a surrogate for monitoring for active infections. Using a well calibrated Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) Thermography camera is essential for screening groups of people at one time and when this is combined with a well designed application software that produces alarms when the monitored temperature exceeds a pre-defined threshold.

Thermal image of human body.

The Gobi+ 640 Camera is an ideal product for this application, since it can be ordered with a robust factory supplied calibration scale while it also dynamically monitors and maintains the camera zero point, ensuring that temperature values will not drift over time. Also, the technology employed in the camera provides a highly accurate Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD), which is essentially the ability to measure small differences in temperature between pixels. Finally, the compact size means that the camera can be incorporated into temperature monitoring systems easily.

The Gobi+ 640 Series has the following features:

Gobi 640 Series
Gobi+ 640

For those OEM applications that require customized packaging with a smaller footprint, the Dione 640 Cam Series and the Dione 640 OEM Series are ideal.

The Dione Series have the following features:

Dione OEM
Dione OEM
Dione CAM Series
Dione CAM

Another Medical Infrared Application that is becoming more prevalent is the use of Thermography to screen for possible Breast Cancer. Since cancer is known to increase vascularization of breast tissue and can also cause inflammation due to immune responses to the cells, both of which can cause an elevation of the surface temperature of the breast, this can be used as an early detection of possible cancer. While Thermography is not as conclusive as the common X-ray, it does have multiple advantages for early screening – it does not expose the patient to damaging X-rays, it does not require compression of the breast tissue and it is not as sensitive to dense breast tissues or implants.
For this application, the Gobi+ 640 Series or the Dione 640 CAM Series are ideal solutions for an OEM manufacturer building a system for Infrared Thermography.