Cheetah Family

Xenics Cheetah 640 series

World’s fastest InGaAs camera with high image resolution

The Xenics Cheetah 640 series is based on a proprietary high speed InGaAs detector with a 640 x 512 pixel resolution. This is your best High Speed SWIR Camera solution available from Xenics.

The Cheetah 640 camera with single-stage TE-cooled detector (TE1) is offered in three configurations with full frame rates of either 400 Hz, 800 Hz or 1700 Hz. The other family member is for slower, low light applications since it has a three-stage TE-cooled detector (TE3) to dramatically suppress dark current noise and runs at a maximum speed of 110 Hz.

The cameras come with a CameraLink interface and support for TTL based triggering.

To achieve the highest frame rates, the cameras can be programmed to read out a small Region of Interest (ROI), exceeding 30kHz for a 64×64 ROI on a Cheetah 640 1700Hz platform. This is ideal for applications such as Adaptive Optics where high speed imaging of a laser beam is required to provide data for the correction algorithms.

A visible short-wave infrared (vSWIR) option is available for extension into the visible wavelength band.

Benefits & Features

Cheetah 640 Series
Cheetah 640