Optical and Video Accessories

Specialty SWIR and LWIR Lenses from Optec

Optec has SWIR, extended SWIR, Vis-SWIR and LWIR lenses. The SWIR lenses are optimized to work in the classic SWIR band, ranging from 900nm to 1700nm, the higher SWIR band, ranging from 1700nm-2400nm and the Visible + SWIR for the vSWIR lenses ranging from 400 to 1700nm. Optec also has LWIR lenses that cover the 8 to 14um region. Contact Us for more information on these products.

Lens Adapters

For a camera with a C-mount thread, you can always use a standard C-mount lens. If you want to use an F-mount lens with a C-mount camera, it is possible to get a lens adapter that is C-to-F-mount. You can find adapters like this (along with other adapters) from this site by searching for your specific adapter type.

Nikon Lenses

If you are searching for F-mount lenses from Nikon, we would recommend that you check first at this site. Just search for Nikkor and the focal length that you need and the options should be shown to you.

Video Converter Tools

When you are looking for things like video converters (SDI to HDMI, etc) or Streaming encoding tools (H.264 compression and streaming) you can search for the Aja or BlackMagic tools at this site.