Ceres Family

Xenics Ceres T Series

Ultracompact, uncooled Thermographic camera

The Ceres T 640 series is based on an uncooled 12 μm pitch microbolometer detector with a standard resolution 640×480 sensor and several lens options (8 degree, 12 degree, 24 degree and 50 degree Field of View). These camera models have a Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) of less than 60 mK.

This Thermographic Camera comes with dual calibration ranges. The first range is -20˚C to + 120˚C and the second range is 50˚C to 400˚C. This makes the camera optimal for a variety of applications that span these temperature ranges.

All Ceres models are GenICam compliant and have either a Gigabit Ethernet or a CameraLink interface. The Ceres T 640 camera has either an M34 mount (8 degree / 55mm lens, 12 degree / 35mm lens) or an M24 mount (24 degree / 18mm lens, 50 degree / 8.7mm lens).

The ultra-compact Ceres T 640 series is optimal for security and surveillance systems, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms, as well as for industrial inspection and medical thermal monitoring systems.

Benefits & Features

Ceres T 640

  • State-of-the-art 640×480 microbolometer with NETD <60mK
  • Detector with 12 μm pitch
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Shuttered for optimal calibration
  • Selectable Temperature Calibration Ranges
    • -20˚ C to 120˚ C
    • 50˚ C to 400˚ C
  • M24 Lens Mount for 50 degree FOV (8.7mm focal length), 24 degree FOV (18mm focal length)
  • M34 Lens Mount for 12 degree FOV (35mm focal length), 8 degree FOV (55mm focal length)
  • Standard GigE or CL Interfaces
  • Ceres T Series Datasheet
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